Ready To Rip Out Old Carpeting In An Older Home? What To Know First

Posted on: 1 December 2016

When you purchase an older home, there are sometimes smells and concerns with the carpeting that come with the purchase. If you think there are bacteria, odors, and other problems in the carpeting of a home you bought and you want to get rid of these issues before you move in, there are some things you want to do.

Removing the carpeting and treating the area on your home can help you save money on the project. Here are some things to do before the carpet cleaning company comes to do the installation.


It's easiest to get rid of all the old carpeting and debris and materials that you don't want to use in the home by getting a dumpster. The dumpster comes to your house and sits for the time you pay to have it, and then all of the debris is taken away at one time.

You can get a roll off dumpster, a dumpster that has a lid that locks, and you get to pick what size you need based on the types of materials you need to throw away. Find out the specific items that are allowed in the dumpster before you fill it up.

Treat the Floor Boards

There is a latex paint that you can use on the floor boards that will kill bacteria like mold and mildew, and act as a barrier to protect the floor boards against liquids and more. You'll want to apply this type of sealant to the floor boards of the home before the carpeting arrives, so your floor boards will always be protected.

HVAC Cleaning

After pulling everything out of the house you want to have the ventilation system cleaned. This will help remove all of the dust and irritants that went into the air when you pulled up the carpeting, and it will remove these things that could already be lingering in the ducts of the home. This way, the air conditioner or furnace don't blow dust or bacteria back into your new carpeting.

Carpeting can be a source of bacteria and you want to get rid of old smelly carpeting before you move into a house. When you have the dumpster there you can get rid of any other old appliances or items that you don't care for, since you're already paying to have the dumpster on the property throughout the carpeting removal and installation project. For more information, visit websites like


Understanding Energy Savings

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