The Benefits Of Hiring An Engineering Geologist On A Per Diem Basis

Posted on: 25 May 2017

Your company could have an engineering geologist on the payroll all year long, but what if you only need him or her for less than three months out of the year? An engineering geologist's salary is definitely not cheap, considering that they are both engineers and geologists, a double degree for double the money. It might be best if you hire this professional on a per diem basis instead. Here are some benefits to doing just that.

You Only Pay for the Days You Need the Engineering Geologist

Engineering geologists examine environmental sites where your company is planning on building another plant or factory location. This surveying of the land and its geological features may take only a couple of weeks to about a month, depending on the size of the piece of land and whether or not you want to take any soil and rock samples for testing. As such, you could find and hire an engineering geologist who works as a consultant on a per diem basis and only pay the geologist for the days that he or she is onsite and working.

If You Do Not Like the Work, You Can Fire Him/Her

Sure, you could fire a full-time engineering geologist too, but you would probably have to pay severance and whatever benefits are due to a full-time employee of the company. With the per diem geologist, if you do not like his or her work, you can fire them without paying anything extra. Then you can hire someone else to finish the job (that also works on a per diem basis).

Rapid Changes in the Underground Structure and Second Opinions

If you have one engineering geologist warn you that there are rapid changes in the underground structure of the land on which you want to build, you can always consult another engineering geologist and get a second opinion. This way, you are not paying full-time wages for more than one engineering geologist, and you can pay for just the few hours or day that it takes the second and/or third geologists to reach the same or different conclusions.


Engineering geology is a niche career. These engineers are tricky to find because not many people head into this field. Even if you only need one for a second opinion, you may need to advertise. Be sure to state that you are only looking for a consult so that you do not get engineers from all over the country applying for what they think is a full-time position.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Geo Plus Partners.


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